One of the things as a photographer that you cannot control is the weather… I rescheduled this family session once and we almost had to do it again! Who knew October was going to be such a rainy month. But I am so thankful for their flexibility and sense of humor. And I’m so glad that we gave it a go and followed through with this session on Sunday. Despite the sprinkles, these pictures turned out great!

I went to high school with Devon and Ashley and have loved getting to know them better and having them in my life since. Ashley owns her own business as a hair stylist and has been doing my hair for the past couple years. (Side plug: If you’re looking for an amazing hair stylist, please please contact her! She is phenominal and super talented!) But I have had the joy of watching and capturing this family grow for the past few years. I cannot believe I first started taking their pictures when Ashley was pregnant with Declan… and now there is three of them! And let me just say, could they be ANY cuter? You guys seriously have the most adorable children. 

But I’m so glad this worked out. Here is my time spent with the whole Gainey family. Thanks so much for letting me take these family pictures for you!

It was so wonderful to be able to see this great family again last week! I had the joy of capturing Ashley and Leonard’s wedding earlier this summer and had so much fun getting to know them all better. So when I was asked to take some family pictures, I was delighted! Ashley and Leonard’s wedding was one of the hottest days this summer so the cool air and fall colors were gladly welcomed. And it really couldn’t have been a more perfect evening to walk some trails and around an apple orchard.

Take a look at my time spent with the Bender family. Thanks so much, all of you, for making my evening so enjoyable! Those three boys did an awesome job and were so much fun to run around with.


Fall family pictures is one of my favorite times of year. It’s one of my most popular seasons for photo sessions and I have families who come back year after year for pictures. It’s so much fun to watch families grow and whether it’s adding family members or just growing up. The Manion family is quickly becoming one of those special families.

I took Ashley and Scott’s engagement pictures a couple years ago, was supposed to take their wedding pictures, but had my daughter and was unable to, but then got to take McKenzie and Nick’s engagement and wedding pictures this past year. I have loved keeping up with this beautiful family and was thrilled to take these family pictures this past weekend. The weather was pretty perfect and I loved spending time laughing with them all.

4 girls… I think our family might look like this someday if we keep the trend of having girls 🙂 They are all so beautiful and lovely, so it gives me hope that it can be done! Thanks so much Joel, Jennifer, Ashley & Scott, McKenzie & Nick, Josie and Ava!

So this family is one of my favorites… and the beginning to my fall family sessions. Saturday’s mini sessions were all rained out and the same thing almost happened to our session yesterday! But luckily, the rain passed and the skies cleared and it turned out to be a great night. Okay, so maybe a little warm for an October evening, but I’ll take 80 degrees in October in Michigan!

Merideth is one of my best friends and every year I love when I get to take her family’s pictures. This year was such a special one as they added little Xavier to their precious family. Can’t hardly imagine it without him now. But seriously, these children are ridiculously adorable. So blessed to have them in my life. Thanks so much Merideth, Aaron, Ariana and Xavier for being so flexible… and for being such a beautiful family. Love you guys!

What can I say, it was the perfect day! Everything about Kayla and Eric’s wedding day was wonderful and enjoyable and just plain fun. I mean, it was quite different than the last wedding I photographed a couple weeks back in that the weather was everything you hope and pray for – clear blue skies, slight breeze, 74 degrees at a golf course on a mid October day. Not to mention the adorable, wonderful couple and their charming families and friends. Absolutely loved it all.

Oh, and did I say that Kayla’s Grandmother essentially “set them up”? Oh and she completely takes full responsibility for their love story. She was lovely and hilarious while Kayla’s Dad was telling the story of how they met (see the picture of her bowing in my previews). Just makes me smile thinking about it.

Kayla and Eric, it has been fantastic getting to know you two better. You can tell by your family and friends that you are loved and lovable people and I cannot wait to see how God chooses to bless your marriage together. You had so much to celebrate on your wedding day and so much more to celebrate as the years go by. Thank you for letting me be a part of something so special and truly beautiful.