These two. Let me just say, they are amazing. I ended up doing their engagement session in East Lansing twice… and though it was a little crazy at first, I’m so glad it worked out to do it again.

You know the location for a photo shoot is going to be gorgeous when the sign for the address you were given says “Nature Center” and there’s 6 beautiful deer welcoming you in the woods on the drive in. It was perfect. Beautiful warm and sunny weather, beautiful rolling fields and a beautiful couple so in love. In one of my shots, there were actually deer in the background and I thought for sure they would move once we headed their way. To my surprise, they did not and I was able to capture them in the back of some of our pictures. It’s not everyday that happens. 

Lauren and Will (and Sarah and Drew), thank you so much for being so flexible, patient and kind. I am so looking forward to capturing your wedding next year and meeting the rest of your wonderful family. Thanks again!!

This family has literally grown before my eyes and I have loved taking their family pictures every year for the past three years. Each time I have the chance to see them, I fall more and more in love with their kiddos. It usually takes Ava a little bit of time to warm up to me. Her answer to all of my questions in the beginning is always, “No.” But by the end, she’s smiling, laughing and even posing. Her brother, on the other hand, was all smiles right from the very start. I can hardly believe this little man is already walking!! 10 months and on the go. Man, that sounds like lots of fun for Mom and Dad 🙂
Thanks so much Gernaat family for spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon with me and letting me take these family pictures for you. I absolutely love seeing you every year and getting a quick update on how life is going. Just wish you lived a little closer to Grand Rapids! Until next time… Love and hugs!

Over the past four years, I have been able to take some family pictures for the Waskelis’ and my favorite thing is seeing how much Hailey has grown! I can hardly believe it’s been four whole years since I met this little girl. I love talking to her about things she did this summer like going to Cedar Point and riding on some huge rollercoasters. Or about school, what she’s learning and her boyfriend… yes, that’s right, I said it. They’re going on a whole year now, haha. She’s just such a beautiful, intelligent, adventurous and awesome little girl and I love spending time with her.

We got to walk through the woods about a week ago and though it was a bit chilly, it was such a nice fall morning. By the end of the session, Hailey was posing and suggesting places and ways to pose for her pictures. I loved it! It’s so much fun to see the world through the eyes of an eight year old. Thanks so much for letting me play with you Hailey. I can’t wait till next year!


Over the past year, I have gotten to know Becca through a Mom’s group at our church and it has been absolutely wonderful to get to know her and her family. She’s one of those people in my life that I feel like I just need more of. Well, this amazing mama of three beautiful little ones asked to be part of my fall family photo sessions and I did an out loud “Eek!!” in excitement. It’s always such a huge compliment when people I don’t know very well ask me to take their pictures. And let’s be honest, along with that crazy excitement is always a lot of nervousness. But that’s what makes it so great!

Well, my fall family session day got completely rained out so I had to reschedule all six of the sessions that day to different October days. Luckily, everyone was pretty wonderful about rescheduling and I was able to hang out with this great family last weekend. Thanks so much Hulst family for being flexible and a ton of fun. Oh, and sorry about all the motorcycle bikers who invaded our space during our photo session. Haha! I can just see Kaylee hopping up on one of those bad boys as a prop… Love you guys and loved taking these pictures for you.


I am super, super excited to post these pictures taken earlier this week! This family is so near and dear to my life as they are good friends… and about the go from a family of three to a family of four. Karlee and I were roommates in college and I like to think I set her and Jeremy up. Ah, college seems like a lifetime ago! But I cannot wait for little baby girl to make her arrival in the next couple of weeks. And look at her Mama… seriously, Karlee you are such a gorgeous pregnant woman. You sure make it look easy and beautiful, especially with a little toddler keeping you busy and on your toes.

I had so much fun spending a cool fall evening with Jeremy, Karlee and Jack. I can’t help but smile while thinking about Jack’s little voice. I was playing with him and saying, “I’m gonna get you…” to try and make him smile. And he would reply, “I’m gonna get you!” What a cutie. I can only imagine how adorable his baby sister is going to be. And what a great big brother he is going to be. Thanks for hanging out with me this week! Let’s do it again soon. Love you all so much.