I am beyond excited to share these pictures with you!! My best friend from high school is having a BABY… and she’s about the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. Look at her cute little baby bump!

I wish I looked half as gorgeous as she does while I was pregnant. Life goals right there. Ha! It’s crazy to think back and remember all the memories I share with Erin, and now I get to share motherhood with her. I cannot wait for the arrival of little baby boy Walton! Erin and Kyle are going to be incredible parents and this little baby is so so loved already.

I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with them in their adorable apartment, celebrating this little one and cherishing this time before they become a family of three. It was such an honor to be able to capture these pictures for you guys. Thanks SO much Erin and Kyle. Love you guys so much and cannot wait to hold that precious little boy in my arms soon!

Watching families grow is the greatest gift ever as a photographer. I met this wonderful family a couple years ago when I was asked to take some extended family pictures for Emily’s family. And since then, I have been able to see these three and have literally watched Dean grow before my eyes. Each time I see him, he’s taller, has more words and just as cute as I remember.
Well, Dean will soon have a baby brother or sister and I cannot wait to see which it is! I’m hoping for a baby girl, but that just might be because girls are the only thing I know over here 🙂 Thanks so much John, Emily and Dean for allowing me to take some updated pictures for you while you were in town. I’m praying for a happy and healthy baby and Mama and am eagerly awaiting news of baby’s arrival. Love seeing you every time you are in Michigan. Thanks again!

So a little over a week ago, I got to hang out with this adorable little man. It’s always such a treat to see such sweet faces again and again for photo sessions. I took Jack’s Aunt Ashley’s wedding pictures last July and got to meet this handsome guy. I got to see him again in the fall when we took some family pictures so it was just about time for me to see him again 🙂 I really loved spending time exploring, and let’s be honest, playing, with Jack around the beautiful Frederik Meijer Gardens. It’s one of my favorite things to see the world through children’s eyes – and let me just tell you – little boys see the world as so much more fun, adventurous and care free than grown ups. And I absolutely LOVE that!

Thanks so much for letting me take these pictures for you Jack! I had a ton of fun with you and your pretty Mama. I hope I get to see you and your whole family really, really soon.

It’s crazy to me to think that five years ago, I took Ashley and Scott’s engagement pictures. It was one of my favorite sessions because they had such great chemistry. You could just tell they were really in love, knew each other well and were comfortable being themselves around each other. They were just genuinely wonderful people and I’m so glad they continue to let me be a part of their lives.

Last summer, I got to take Ashley’s sister’s wedding pictures and last fall, I was overjoyed when I found out they were expecting a baby at their family’s fall picture session! A baby… how amazing and exciting and wait a second, how has it been five years already and you’re having a baby?! So so so happy for Ashley and Scott to begin this journey of parenthood. It’s truly one of the most incredible things I have experienced and now it’s their turn.

Well, amazingly, the weather in Michigan has been quite warm this past week! Who could have predicted that. I think on Facebook earlier this week I saw someone’s post from a couple years back and we had almost 2 feet of snow. This year, it’s been in the mid 50’s for almost a week now. But, I have LOVED this weather and loved being able to squeeze in some outdoor photo sessions because of it. So we headed out to Tunnel Park in Holland and got to take these pictures on the beach! Thanks Ashley for going on the lakeshore in a dress and bare feet – oh and Scott, I know you were cold too 🙂 You two are going to be absolutely wonderful parents and I cannot wait to hear the arrival of your baby boy. Praying for a happy, healthy mama and baby!



I had the joy of taking some pictures for our good friends this past weekend and we headed down to the Grand Rapids Public Museum again. I mean, what two year old doesn’t want to ride on the carousel and see “Daniel Tiger’s” trolley?! 🙂 Oh my sweet Vera. She is about the cutest little two year old girl that I know. I can just hear her now saying, “Come on Carrie!” as she walked around the museum holding my hand. She knows the way to my heart.

And what a complete 180 from last time I was at the museum with our good friend’s little boy who made me work for those smiles. Vera willingly said “cheese” and smiled, however, most of her smiles were accompanied with two little fingers next to her mouth, haha! These are the moments we want to remember when we look back though, right? Remembering our little ones exactly how they were. Man is she cute. Thanks so much Getz family for allowing me to tag along at the museum and take these pictures for you. Love you guys so much and can’t wait till the next time I get to hug that little girl.