Oh sweet Benjamin. I remember when your Mommy told us she was pregnant with you, and now I can hardly believe you are almost one! How did all that time go by so fast?!

You know those days when you have something planned, like a photoshoot, and your kids are just a little crazy and just a little clingy? Well, my dear friend Sarah was so amazing when I stopped by to take some pictures of Ben. Not that I would expect anything less – Sarah is a nurse, girl boss and mom to three adorable boys! How she does that, I have no idea, but she’s AMAZING all the time. If you’re in the market for some LipSense, give her a visit by clicking here. Side note, I am obsessed with LipSense. If you have not tried it, please, please do!

Anyways, Ben just wanted his Mama and hardly let Sarah put him down. But we figured it out and I tried some of my tricks. We just went with the flow and I was able to capture some pretty cute pictures of that little man. He reminds me so much of his beautiful Mama – I think it’s his eyes. I even got a chance to capture some quick pictures of his older brothers too. Those silly boys with their bold, blue eyes. Thanks so much Sarah for letting me come into your home and spend some time playing with your boys. I absolutely loved it and love watching you care for them. Hugs!

There’s something really amazing and special and sacred about having a sister. And I am beyond excited that my daughters get to share this great gift. I think I’ve learned the most from my sisters and I absolutely cannot imagine life without them – each and every one of you (Tammie, Carolyn, Anni, Samara and Michelle). So I got to take some pictures of my beautiful sister and niece and love how they turned out!

Tammie, you are one of the most amazing women I have the privilege of knowing and I get to call you my sister. You are so kind, so generous, so honest. I hope some of that has rubbed off on me throughout the years. You are such a strong, loving wife and mother and I love learning and growing with you.

Adeline, you have captivated us with those beautiful blue eyes, but have surely been a spit fire since day one. I assume you will continue to maintain your strong will and sweet smile for the rest of your life. As your aunt, I will encourage it and can’t wait to share secrets about your parents and grandparents as you grow up. I love you little girl. So honored to be called your Auntie.

I am so so pleased to be able to share these next pictures with you!! My wonderful cousin, Cherie, and her family live in Texas and I get to see her maybe one or two (if we’re lucky) times a year. Her girls are almost the same ages as my girls and has been such a blessing to be able to do parenthood together, ask each other crazy mom questions and support and encourage one another. The distance seems so far sometimes, but I am so glad we have kept in touch and continue to deepen our friendship over the miles!

So they are up in Michigan for a little while and she asked if I would take some pictures of her and her girls. I was so excited when she asked so this past week we got together and amazingly, the weather was nice. My sister and niece came too (my next blog post) and it was so much fun to see all of our girls play together. Who would have thought, all of us with all our girls these years later. Thanks for asking me to take these pictures Cherie. Next time, let’s get Matt in some 🙂 Love you so much!

Introducing Hunter… okay, so he’s not a newborn, but I wasn’t able to take his newborn pictures so a couple weeks ago was the first time I got to meet this little guy and he is so easy going and happy! His big brother, on the other hand, was well, eventful and enthusiastic when it came to helping me take pictures 🙂 Right Lauren and Jon?! Ha! I really had so much fun during my time with this wonderful family. And their story is amazing. If you are in the mood for a heart warming story, let me know.

Thanks so much for asking me to come take these pictures of the latest addition to your family Lauren and Jon. I love watching your family grow and it is such a beautiful thing! Next time, I’ll have to bring all of my tricks for Mitchell and the dogs. Hope you guys are staying warm on this dark and gloomy week. Love you guys!

Last summer, I was able to capture Katie and Jacek’s maternity pictures and so enjoyed catching up with both of them as Katie was a friend from high school. I was so bummed out when I was unable to take Annie’s newborn pictures because I was sick and didn’t want her to catch any of my germs being only a couple weeks old. So I was long overdue to meet this little beauty and absolutely LOVED snuggling her and making her smile! She is the PERFECT mix of her beautiful Mama and her wonderful Daddy. Even though she skipped her morning nap because she was so excited to meet me (haha, right Carrie, I’m sure that’s what it was), she was a rockstar and did amazing. Although, she made my job super easy because she’s so so cute!

Thank you SO much, Katie and Jacek, for allowing me to come into your home, letting me meet your adorable little girl and spending some time with me while I rearranged your furniture. You are about the cutest little family of three I’ve ever seen and I hope I will be able to see you all again sometime soon!! Give Annie an extra hug from me today!