i am so so so excited to share these previews of meghan and jordan’s maternity session with you all! i had the great opportunity to capture their wedding about a year ago and got a phone call back in the spring saying, “so meghan and i want you to take some pictures for us.” and i was like, “ok sure! when are you thinking?” and jordan was like, “um… like in 9 months.” and after a brief pause, i go, “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU GUYS PREGNANT?!?!” ๐Ÿ™‚ i can hardly believe it’s only 6 weeks till little baby b graces us with his presence. thanks for letting me capture this awesome moment in your lives jordan and meghan!


i first met the westerholm family at Tom & Carol’s wedding this summer… Levi was the ring bearer, and one that will be hard to forget ๐Ÿ™‚ he was such a charmer with his blue eyes and wide smile… not to mention he fell fast asleep during the ceremony his dad was officiating. so i was absolutely pleased to have them contact me for family pictures! it was such a joy to capture their family… and extended family! 4 boys running around… lots of energy and lots of laughs ๐Ÿ™‚ please take a look at these preview from their family session. enjoy!


i met natascha and her adorable son carson back at jon & brenna reimink’s wedding… and i am happy to share the following pictures with you from their family picture session! what a cutie carson is… just thinking about our photo shoot makes me smile because he was such a joy to capture. i was even able to take some pictures with brutus their dog… i have a chocolate lab and let me just tell you, brutus makes my 80lb. puppy look like a lap dog. i’ve never seen a bigger dog before! but he did such a good job and carson did a great job making him sit and stay for the pictures. there’s one where carson is holding a treat over his head to make brutus sit and brutus is practically eye to eye with carson ๐Ÿ™‚ ah, what a great morning in the park with natascha and carson… take a look and enjoy!



i am SO excited to share these previews with you!! this is my first maternity session and it’s of a dear friend of mine. em & j are expecting their first baby girl in november and i am thrilled for them to expand their beautiful family! this was such a great opportunity for me and i was so pleased to capture this exciting time in their lives. i cannot wait to meet little baby b… she is already loved so much and i can’t wait to kiss her little cheeks ๐Ÿ™‚ please take a look at my first maternity session and let me know what you think! you can visit my facebook page to see more images… thanks!


on saturday, august 27, i was able to shoot my first wedding out of state… in ohio! on most occasions, i would take this opportunity to say how terrible ohio is because i’m a u of m fan, but not today. i was able to capture one of the most beautiful wedding days ever! the whole day was full of laughs, jokes, smiles, and lots of love. you know those people that you meet and instantly you feel like part of their family? well, that’s both carol and tom’s families. it was such a blessing to capture all the aspects of their special day… some of my favorite moments from the day: watching carol’s sister admire their little sister all day long, carol and tom’s first meeting (i almost cried), hearing some crazy memories from the best man’s toast, watching tom glow as his dad talked about how proud of him he was, watching the ring bearer fast asleep during the ceremony, hearing everyone’s reaction to “may you be the first to have twins” comment from carol’s sisters!, and many, many more! here are some of my favorite images from their big day…