One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to watch your best friends become mothers. My best friend from high school became a mother about a week ago and I got to see her hold her one day old son while they were still in the hospital!

I’ve known Erin for 16 years now… wow, that is just crazy as that’s half my life. It’s amazing though, to be able to share childhood, college and married life memories with the same person. And now I get to share the incredible life of parenthood with her. She is going to be the BEST mother ever! She’s one of those people who you just know was meant to be a mother because she loves kids so much. Now she has one to call her very own.

Well, I heard the wonderful news that her son, Theo, was born last week and was thrilled to be able to go up to the hospital and visit them. He is perfect in ever single way. I fell completely in love when I got to hold him for the first time and took special note of his little fingers, little nose (I think it looks like his mamas!) and little sweet smile. It totally makes me want to have another one. Congratulations Erin and Kyle. I am so beyond excited for you to now have a family of three with your adorable son. What a blessing and beautiful family you are!

Hello! It’s sunny here in Michigan and I wanted to share some news with you. The world of photography and technology is evolving and growing and so am I. I will now be delivering your images digitally so you have instant access to them and can download them on your own. (CDs will still be available for an additional cost and wedding photography will still receive custom USB drives.) I’m hoping this change will make it easier for both you and me! Thanks so much for your cooperation during this transition and please let me know if you have any questions.

There’s not much sweeter than holding newborn baby. I’ll be honest, it makes me think about having another one 🙂 But to fill my fix, I got to hold the most adorable baby boy last week and I am missing him already. Baby Nathan came into this world with a whole lot of love waiting for him. I know his grand parents and aunties couldn’t wait to meet him and I’m sure have been spoiling him with kisses and snuggles.

One of the best things about being a photographer is you get to share life with people. And you get to know them, love them and cheer them on to achieve their hopes and dreams. Well, I am sure Nathan was one of those dreams and it gives me so much joy to watch his parents care for him. Ashley and Scott, you have always been one of my favorites (sh!!) and I love watching you two grow together – first engaged, married, expecting a baby boy and now beautiful, proud parents. So so wonderful! Thank you for allowing me into your lives to capture these incredible moments. I absolutely love it! Give that precious baby an extra kiss for me tonight!

Oh sweet Benjamin. I remember when your Mommy told us she was pregnant with you, and now I can hardly believe you are almost one! How did all that time go by so fast?!

You know those days when you have something planned, like a photoshoot, and your kids are just a little crazy and just a little clingy? Well, my dear friend Sarah was so amazing when I stopped by to take some pictures of Ben. Not that I would expect anything less – Sarah is a nurse, girl boss and mom to three adorable boys! How she does that, I have no idea, but she’s AMAZING all the time. If you’re in the market for some LipSense, give her a visit by clicking here. Side note, I am obsessed with LipSense. If you have not tried it, please, please do!

Anyways, Ben just wanted his Mama and hardly let Sarah put him down. But we figured it out and I tried some of my tricks. We just went with the flow and I was able to capture some pretty cute pictures of that little man. He reminds me so much of his beautiful Mama – I think it’s his eyes. I even got a chance to capture some quick pictures of his older brothers too. Those silly boys with their bold, blue eyes. Thanks so much Sarah for letting me come into your home and spend some time playing with your boys. I absolutely loved it and love watching you care for them. Hugs!

There’s something really amazing and special and sacred about having a sister. And I am beyond excited that my daughters get to share this great gift. I think I’ve learned the most from my sisters and I absolutely cannot imagine life without them – each and every one of you (Tammie, Carolyn, Anni, Samara and Michelle). So I got to take some pictures of my beautiful sister and niece and love how they turned out!

Tammie, you are one of the most amazing women I have the privilege of knowing and I get to call you my sister. You are so kind, so generous, so honest. I hope some of that has rubbed off on me throughout the years. You are such a strong, loving wife and mother and I love learning and growing with you.

Adeline, you have captivated us with those beautiful blue eyes, but have surely been a spit fire since day one. I assume you will continue to maintain your strong will and sweet smile for the rest of your life. As your aunt, I will encourage it and can’t wait to share secrets about your parents and grandparents as you grow up. I love you little girl. So honored to be called your Auntie.