Every once in a while, I get the chance to travel to take pictures and I absolutely love that! I usually get the chance to travel for weddings, but when your good friend asks if you want to go up to Sutton’s Bay in northern Michigan to take some family pictures, you say YES! It also served as a getaway with my husband so it couldn’t have gotten much better.

I am so spoiled to have the beautiful landscape of northern Michigan just hours away from my hometown. The lake was extra blue this trip too for some reason and the perfect backdrop for this wonderful family. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Todd and Jill and their adorable two boys because they live in our neighborhood and go to the same church as us. This trip, I got to meet Jill’s extended family. I loved playing on the beach and dancing in the sun with all these kiddos. Okay, so they did most of the dancing. They were even mini photographers and helped me take pictures by taking turns “pushing the button”. I loved it! Taking pictures of kids is one of my favorite things because you get to see their personalities and curiosity come alive.

Thank you so much Spoolstras and Palmers for inviting me up north to capture these pictures for you. Can we do this every summer?

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have such wonderful couples and such beautiful weather for my weddings this year. Megan and Dan, your wedding day was such a memorable one! While editing these images, I smiled whole heartedly remembering it start to finish. It was filled with special stories, special people and so many special moments.

One of my favorite memories was meeting Dan’s Grandfather for the first time. It makes me smile just thinking of it. He traveled so far to celebrate your perfect day with you as did so many others. What a huge testament to how much he and others love you both. The words spoken at toasts, the tears shed out of pure happiness, the laughs chuckled by family and friends, the dance moves your Grandma Mavis whipped out (!!!)… seriously, I have so many awesome memories from your wedding day.

Thank you for allowing me to share the first day you became husband and wife. You guys have been amazing to work with and I have enjoyed hearing your story and getting to know you better. Here’s to many, many more years of love, happiness, joy and laughter. Congratulations Megan and Dan!

I love this family’s story… I have discovered too, that Lauren is quite the writer herself. She should totally write it out as it would touch and impact so many others who have walked a similar path.

Okay, let me just start this with Mitchell, my man, always gives me a workout whenever I take his pictures. As a mother of girls, my world will be drastically rocked if we ever have a boy. Boys are, well, energetic. Ha! Don’t get me wrong, my girls are too, but it’s just different. Yet, I absolutely love every chance I get to take his pictures. Earlier this year, I got to meet his baby brother Hunter for the first time and am so glad I get to watch them both grow. We had so much fun last month watching the ducks, throwing sticks in the river and blowing bubbles. Take a look at my time with this beautiful family. Thanks so much Lauren and Jon for letting me capture your wonderful family!

This is one of my favorite families because they are just so darn cute!! It’s crazy to think I took Declan’s 3 month old pictures and now the third of the Gainey boys just turned one! How is that even possible?!

I absolutely love every time I get to see this beautiful family. I mean, come on, they should be on a gap ad or something. Every time we have a session, Ashley does such a great job coordinating all of their outfits and colors. I need to hire her to do my family. Seriously! Thank you SO much Devon and Ashley for always asking me to capture your adorable family. Your boys are some of the most precious ones around and I know I’m in for at least one great story or laugh when I see you guys.

Here are some of the pictures from our session last week. I tried to pick a couple, but the list just kept getting longer. Thanks for braving the rain on this day – you can’t even tell! Hugs to you all. Love you guys!!

So I’m sitting at my desk, cup of coffee at my side, headphones in and Train’s “Marry Me” comes on. I’m editing Ashley and Leonard’s maternity pictures and can’t help but stop and smile. I thought back to their wedding day last July, almost a whole year ago. I remember how beautiful Ashley looked, seeing Lenny’s face as Ashley walked down the aisle and he saw his bride for the first time, their first dance and so many other wonderful memories from that day.

And now, looking through these pictures… Ashley is just as beautiful, more so, as she looks down and thinks about the incredible baby boy that will soon join their family. She already has so much love for this little baby. Lenny was so helpful during our maternity session – always offering to hold the bag, making sure Ashley was comfortable. Lenny, you’re going to be such a great father. I am so so excited for you two to experience the joys of parenthood! Thank you so much for letting me walk along side your lives with you. I have loved getting to know you better and know you both are going to be the best parents. I can’t wait to hear of his arrival and hope I’ll be able to get some snuggles in too. Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery. Love and hugs you guys!