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baby stoehr | grand rapids maternity photography

So I’m sitting at my desk, cup of coffee at my side, headphones in and Train’s “Marry Me” comes on. I’mVIEW FULL POST »

baby walton | grand rapids maternity photography

I am beyond excited to share these pictures with you!! My best friend from high school is having a BABY… and she’s about theVIEW FULL POST »

baby m | grand rapids maternity photography

It’s crazy to me to think that five years ago, I took Ashley and Scott’s engagement pictures. It was one of my favoriteVIEW FULL POST »

the prins’ | grand rapids family and maternity photography

I am super, super excited to post these pictures taken earlier this week! This family is so near and dear to my life as they are goodVIEW FULL POST »

baby b | grand rapids maternity photography

So flashback to elementary, middle and high school… You know those people who you secretly want to be best friends with becauseVIEW FULL POST »

baby jacobson | holland maternity photography

So I felt way out of my league a couple weeks ago when I met Mark and Amy. Well, let me clarify, Mark and Amy are both very successfulVIEW FULL POST »

baby P | grand rapids maternity photography

This next post is super special to me because this is one of my very best friends and her beautiful family. I remember the day she told meVIEW FULL POST »

baby visser | grand rapids maternity photography

So I’m doing some catching up as we roll out of the winter (finally) and gladly welcome spring/summer.   It’s hard to believeVIEW FULL POST »

baby prins | grand rapids maternity photography

I am super, super excited to share with you these maternity pictures taken of my beautiful friend Karlee! I met Karlee in college and weVIEW FULL POST »

baby christie | grand rapids maternity photography

Sometimes my heart is so extremely full. And when I look through the lens of my camera and get to see what life is all about, it overwhelmsVIEW FULL POST »

hannah & harrison | grand rapids maternity & children photography

One of the most amazing blessings that we have had since we moved into our house about a year ago is our incredible neighbors. When we wereVIEW FULL POST »

baby wyngarden | grand rapids maternity photography

One of the most incredible experiences in my life was being pregnant. It is such a miracle and I get so excited when I hear of people whoVIEW FULL POST »