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the dahls | Grand Rapids family photography

I have loved to get to know this family better over the last couple of years. I took Amy’s sister’s wedding pictures lastVIEW FULL POST »

the mattinglys | Grand Rapids family photography

This family. They are amazing and strong and brave (to do these pictures when it was like 35 degrees out) and absolutely wonderful. I canVIEW FULL POST »

the Coles | Grand Rapids family Photography

Every once in a while, I am asked to take extended family pictures and I really enjoy getting to meet the whole family! I’ve knownVIEW FULL POST »

the bundyras | Grand Rapids family photography

Earlier this month, I got to share the beautiful fall weather with one of my favorite families! Every time I get to see these three, I feelVIEW FULL POST »

the jacobsons | grand rapids family photography

This is one of my favorite families and one of my favorite places. And the beach is where it all began, March 2016, where I took Amy andVIEW FULL POST »

the krooks | grand rapids family photography

This next post is such a fun one! I met Melanie and Michael a couple years ago when they asked me to be their wedding photographer. I tookVIEW FULL POST »

the spoolstra & palmer family | sutton’s bay family photography

Every once in a while, I get the chance to travel to take pictures and I absolutely love that! I usually get the chance to travel forVIEW FULL POST »

the wyngardens | grand rapids family photography

I love this family’s story… I have discovered too, that Lauren is quite the writer herself. She should totally write it out asVIEW FULL POST »

the gaineys | grand rapids family photography

This is one of my favorite families because they are just so darn cute!! It’s crazy to think I took Declan’s 3 month oldVIEW FULL POST »

baby theodore | grand rapids newborn photography

I am so excited to share these next photos with you!! My best friend from high school is a mom… and a great one at that! I got toVIEW FULL POST »

Baby Theodore | Grand Rapids Newborn Photography

One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to watch your best friends become mothers. My best friend from high school became a motherVIEW FULL POST »

baby nathan | grand rapids newborn photography

There’s not much sweeter than holding newborn baby. I’ll be honest, it makes me think about having another one 🙂 But to fill myVIEW FULL POST »