tammie & adeline | grand rapids family photography

There’s something really amazing and special and sacred about having a sister. And I am beyond excited that my daughters get to share this great gift. I think I’ve learned the most from my sisters and I absolutely cannot imagine life without them – each and every one of you (Tammie, Carolyn, Anni, Samara and Michelle). So I got to take some pictures of my beautiful sister and niece and love how they turned out!

Tammie, you are one of the most amazing women I have the privilege of knowing and I get to call you my sister. You are so kind, so generous, so honest. I hope some of that has rubbed off on me throughout the years. You are such a strong, loving wife and mother and I love learning and growing with you.

Adeline, you have captivated us with those beautiful blue eyes, but have surely been a spit fire since day one. I assume you will continue to maintain your strong will and sweet smile for the rest of your life. As your aunt, I will encourage it and can’t wait to share secrets about your parents and grandparents as you grow up. I love you little girl. So honored to be called your Auntie.

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