hunter {3 months} | grand rapids child photography

Introducing Hunter… okay, so he’s not a newborn, but I wasn’t able to take his newborn pictures so a couple weeks ago was the first time I got to meet this little guy and he is so easy going and happy! His big brother, on the other hand, was well, eventful and enthusiastic when it came to helping me take pictures 🙂 Right Lauren and Jon?! Ha! I really had so much fun during my time with this wonderful family. And their story is amazing. If you are in the mood for a heart warming story, let me know.

Thanks so much for asking me to come take these pictures of the latest addition to your family Lauren and Jon. I love watching your family grow and it is such a beautiful thing! Next time, I’ll have to bring all of my tricks for Mitchell and the dogs. Hope you guys are staying warm on this dark and gloomy week. Love you guys!

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