annie {6 months} | grand rapids child photography

Last summer, I was able to capture Katie and Jacek’s maternity pictures and so enjoyed catching up with both of them as Katie was a friend from high school. I was so bummed out when I was unable to take Annie’s newborn pictures because I was sick and didn’t want her to catch any of my germs being only a couple weeks old. So I was long overdue to meet this little beauty and absolutely LOVED snuggling her and making her smile! She is the PERFECT mix of her beautiful Mama and her wonderful Daddy. Even though she skipped her morning nap because she was so excited to meet me (haha, right Carrie, I’m sure that’s what it was), she was a rockstar and did amazing. Although, she made my job super easy because she’s so so cute!

Thank you SO much, Katie and Jacek, for allowing me to come into your home, letting me meet your adorable little girl and spending some time with me while I rearranged your furniture. You are about the cutest little family of three I’ve ever seen and I hope I will be able to see you all again sometime soon!! Give Annie an extra hug from me today!

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