Carson is 2 | Grand Rapids Children’s Photography

So this little guy turned two on Christmas day – what a special thing to share a birthday with Jesus! Carson’s parents are great friends of ours and I was so excited when they asked me if I would take some updated pictures for them. The only difficult thing is the weather in Michigan is quite unpredictable in the winter so we decided to go to the Grand Rapids Public Museum and had a wonderful morning together.

Don’t get me wrong, Carson gave me a run for my money. I think the first couple times I asked him, “Carson, can you show me your teeth?” He said, “No.” or “Carson, can you say cheese?” “No.” Ha! But he warmed up after a little bit, especially when we rode the carousel. What a fun way to take pictures! Although, I almost fell over a couple times between trying to brace myself between two horses going up and down and looking through my eye piece of my camera. All in all, I had some much fun wondering around the museum with these three and they truly are such an amazing family. I love having them in my life and share such great memories with them. Here’s to many, many more years of making memories with our families. Love you guys!

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