baby harper | grand rapids newborn photography

Last month, one of my close friends from college gave birth to their second child, a beautiful baby girl. And a little bit ago, I got to take some newborn pictures of her and the rest of her family. I distinctly remember when Karlee told me she was pregnant with baby number two and from that day, I was convinced it was a girl! Maybe because I have two girls myself and that’s just automatically what I think a baby is when someone is pregnant because I’ve never experienced anything else or maybe because I really, REALLY wanted her to experience having a girl because she needs all things pink, fluffy, glittery and sparkly in her life. Regardless, the week they found out the gender of their baby, I was so eager and excited and… it was a girl!! So I’m certain since that day, their house has been filled with all things pink, fluffy, glittery and sparkly 🙂 I may have contributed to that.

Baby Harper is absolutely adorable. When she was first born, I saw so much of her big brother in her and I’m excited to watch her grow and see all of her personality and features develop. I’ll say one thing, she has big gorgeous blue eyes like her mama! I am so so so thrilled for this family of four. Thanks so much Jeremy, Karlee, big brother Jack and Harper for letting me take these pictures for you. Love you guys so much!

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