Hailey | Grand Rapids Child Photography

Over the past four years, I have been able to take some family pictures for the Waskelis’ and my favorite thing is seeing how much Hailey has grown! I can hardly believe it’s been four whole years since I met this little girl. I love talking to her about things she did this summer like going to Cedar Point and riding on some huge rollercoasters. Or about school, what she’s learning and her boyfriend… yes, that’s right, I said it. They’re going on a whole year now, haha. She’s just such a beautiful, intelligent, adventurous and awesome little girl and I love spending time with her.

We got to walk through the woods about a week ago and though it was a bit chilly, it was such a nice fall morning. By the end of the session, Hailey was posing and suggesting places and ways to pose for her pictures. I loved it! It’s so much fun to see the world through the eyes of an eight year old. Thanks so much for letting me play with you Hailey. I can’t wait till next year!


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