michael | grand rapids senior photography

During the summer months, it’s pretty rare I get the chance to take some senior pictures. But a couple months ago, I was contacted by a friend who I haven’t seen in years and was so happy when she asked me if I would take her oldest son’s senior pictures. First off, can’t believe her kids are old enough to be graduating from high school.

So we all know how enthusiastic teenage boys are to have their picture taken, right? I just chuckled out loud a little. Michael was actually really awesome and he had four of us telling him to fix his hair, stand up straight, smile nice and smooth out his shirt. Oh, and it was about 90 degrees. Regardless, he was a trooper and totally did everything his mother and I asked him and he did it with a (great) smile. Here are some of my favorites from my senior session with Michael. It’s so much fun to mix things up in the summer months. Thanks so much Michelle for contacting me to take these. It was SO wonderful to see you and meet your beautiful family. Enjoy!

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