Baby Benjamin | grand rapids newborn photography

Family is so important to me and a huge part of my life so when people ask me to come take pictures of their family, especially a newborn baby, I do a little happy dance inside! I remember my friend Sarah telling me her due date, June 13. This date is one of the easiest to remember because it’s my wedding anniversary and my daughter’s birthday. So when June finally came and her and her husband asked if I would take some newborn pictures when their third son arrived, I was so excited! Each day went by and I said a little prayer for Sarah and baby boy and we just waited… and waited… and then I got the text message with a sweet little picture of baby Benjamin.

I also felt very reminiscent of my first pregnancy with Sarah because we moved into our house when I was 37 weeks pregnant. And they just moved into a new house right around 37 weeks for her too. Oh, and did I mention she has two other boys? Ha! Sarah and Randy, you are both so wonderful and brave to tackle selling your house, buying a new one and moving with two little boys and one on the way! Seriously, you’re super heroes!

So I got to see their new baby and their new home… I was a little more smitten with baby Benjamin and you will see why when you look at some of the previews from my time with him. Sarah and Randy, you have three beautiful, awesome boys! Thanks so much for sharing them with me and I pray for lots and lots of energy and patience for ya’ll. Hugs!

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