baby P | grand rapids maternity photography

This next post is super special to me because this is one of my very best friends and her beautiful family. I remember the day she told me she was expecting baby #2. It was the week before I had our second baby and I was more than ready for her to make her grand entrance. My dear friend, Rachel stopped by for a quick visit and gave me a gift for the baby – a book. Now, this is kind of a
“tradition” with the two of us. When she was pregnant with her first, I gave her a book telling her I was pregnant too. I should have seen the pattern and figured it out when she gave me the book, but she had to get going so she dropped off the book, gave me a hug (with my huge belly in the way) and left. I set the book down after she left and then stopped dead in my tracks. I frantically opened the book and found a hand written note in the front cover (just like I did in the book I gave her). I scanned the note as fast as I could and sure enough, “Baby #2 due in April” was at the bottom. I shrieked and grabbed my phone to call her. When she picked up, I just yelled, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me and just left!!!” She laughed and I cried tears of joy.

I can hardly believe this little baby is almost here! I can’t wait to meet baby #2… it literally could be any day now! A couple weeks back, I was able to capture this little baby and the rest of the family at their new home. So many exciting and wonderful changes for this family. And I just know Archer is going to be the best big brother ever! He is seriously one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. Love his big smile and kind heart.  Take a look at my time spent with them.

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