Carson’s 4 Months | Grand Rapids Child Photography

One of the most incredible gifts I have been able to experience is watching my dear friends become mothers. To have friendship spill over into motherhood and then to be able to share that with someone is such a wonderful thing. I have loved watching my friends Stacey and Kevin with their son Carson. Carson was a Christmas baby (yes, he was put in a stocking!) and I clearly remember the day when I learned Stacey was expecting. I remember because it’s the same day we learned other close friends were expecting too and I had so many tears of joy that day!

Well, I can hardly believe Mr. Carson is four months old… how does the time go by so quickly?! It has been so much fun watching him grow and learn and discover this crazy thing we call life. And it’s been so much fun to see hints of both Stacey and Kevin in him, but let there be no mistake, he is a baby boy bombs. Take a look at my time spent with this adorable little guy… I just love his smile!

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