Konnor Turns 1 | Grand Rapids Children Photography

One of the best compliments I’ve received over the years of being a photographer came from Caitlyn. She said, “If I could pick Carrie up and put her in my pocket, I’d take her with me to take our pictures all the time.” I’m sure Caitlyn said it jokingly, but to me, it meant the world.

Caitlyn and Joe are somewhat responsible for where I am today as a wedding photographer. In 2009, they asked me to capture their wedding. Joe is in the Marines and because of that their wedding got moved up five months to New Year’s Eve. In the craziness of trying to move her wedding up, Caitlyn asked me to be their photographer and I remember the whole day as if it were yesterday. My first wedding, my first adventure. And I fell in love with capturing weddings.

Fast forward to a couple years ago when I met Caitlyn for lunch and we talked about her and Joe moving to Japan. All the way around the world! Well, shortly after they moved, they announced they were expecting and I was absolutely thrilled for them! Fast forward to today and their little boy, Konnor, just turned 1!! How is that even possible! Time surely goes by quickly…

Well, Caitlyn and Konnor came back to the states a couple weeks ago and while they were home she asked if I could take some pictures. I was so excited and I loved being able to see them both! Konnor, you are such a handsome little man with a sense of adventure, curiosity and charm. Happy 1st birthday to you!

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