Julia | Grand Rapids Senior Photography

I am beyond excited to share with you my very FIRST senior picture session with a girl! In the past, I’ve done about a dozen sessions with all boys. And don’t get me wrong, they’ve been great and I’ve gotten a handful of really awesome pictures to add to my portfolio. However, there’s something very different about taking a girl’s picture. One, they actually care what it looks like 🙂 And two, boys don’t typically “accessorize”. 

My time spent with Julia, her mom, and sister Stacey was an absolute blast! I had so much fun catching up with them because I haven’t seen them in years (last time, I think Stacey was about 9) and was truly blessed by capturing these images. Take a look at my time with Julia. What a beautiful, kind, sweet woman you have turned into!! Stacey, three more years and you’re next! Hugs!

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