The Smith’s | Grand Rapids Family Photography

It’s amazing to me how you create relationships with people and then they continue for years to come. One of those relationships that I am very thankful for is with Megan. Megan and I were interns at WOODTV 8 way back in college and we didn’t even intern at the same time, but the fabulous Joy Walczak was our supervisor. Little did we know, Joy would be a great mentor, life-long friend, and introduce us to one another. I have the privilege of meeting with Joy, Megan, and another amazing woman, Susan, a couple times a year for lunch. And we just catch up, encourage one another, and share life. I treasure each time we are able to get together and deeply appreciate the friendships I have with these woman.

Well, Megan asked me about family pictures one day and I was thrilled! Megan’s son Eli is one of the cutest little guys ever! Why would I not want an opportunity to meet him and play with him?! Megan, her husband, and her son had a fabulous family session in downtown Holland. What a beautiful family to capture in a beautiful city. Take a look at my time with the Smiths! Thanks Megan for letting me have so much fun with your family! I can’t wait for our next get together!

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