Kaitie + Garrett | Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, I get the honor of meeting some incredible couples… couples who enduring great circumstances to get to their wedding day; couples like Kaitie and Garrett. I remember meeting Kaitie for the first time. She arrived to our meeting with her mother because her hubby to be, Garrett, is in the Navy… the first time I met Garrett was on his wedding day. Although, I got to talk to him on speaker phone when Kaitie and I met for our final meeting just days before the wedding.

I can only imagine the amount of strength, discipline, and courage it takes to be in a relationship with someone serving our country. I have seen the heartache, frustration, and pain this creates through my cousin (her husband just came home on Tuesday from being in Afghanistan for almost a year), my good friend (who’s husband was in the Marines), and another friend (who will be moving to Japan in November wit

h her husband who is also a Marine). I have incredible respect and gratitude for you… what a brave and honorable thing, to serve our country, fight for my freedoms, and be separated from the ones you love.

So needless to say, Kaitie and Garrett’s wedding day was a day of great celebration and love. I loved watching them together. Thank you Kaitie and Garrett for allowing me the privilege of capturing your special day. It was such a blessing and you both will be in my thoughts and prayers.




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