The Brower Boys | Grand Rapids Children Photography

This pretty much sums up my photo shoot with the Brower boys…

sandals :: shorts :: white t-shirts :: ice cream  + two adorable little boys + train tracks :: a graffiti tunnel :: gorgeous sunlight = AWESOME summer photo shoot!!

Just looking at these pictures makes me miss those hot summer days. Well, I work with Maddox and Bryce’s mom and took their family pictures last year. With another boy on the way, Beth decided she just wanted to take some updated pictures of the boys and we couldn’t have picked a better summer evening. You know you are bound to have an awesome photo shoot when you hear, “I want the boys to wear white t-shirts and jeans and get superman ice cream cones to eat and make a mess!” Thanks Beth for such a great idea! I had so much fun with your boys and can’t wait to meet your next one. Take a look at my time with Maddox and Bryce… love them!

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