Oh August

do you ever feel like life is flying by so quickly you wish you could just stop time, walk around for a little bit, and just breathe? yeah, that’s how I feel, especially now that it’s august. july was great – it was just what I needed to recover from my crazy may and june – it was slow paced, yet intriguing at the same time. i feel like my head is already spinning with august. i just looked at my calendar and so much is happening so soon… my dear friend, merideth, is getting married in 10 days and I’m her maid of honor. i can hardly believe it is that close since she got engaged in feb of 2011! my how time flies…

here’s a couple pictures from her bachelorette party this past weekend. note: this was right after we got done playing a game where we put on bright red lipstick, got blind folded, and then tried to kiss a giant poster of her fiance to see who got closes to kissing him on the lips… the bride won, fair and square too!

in the month of august i have four weddings (all in a span of 2 weeks), 3 family sessions, and six meetings for wedding photography. like i said, it’s going to be busy. but i am also thrilled to celebrate so many weddings with such awesome couples! i really do love what i get to do and i can’t wait for each of their special days.

goals for august…

:: finish editing all of my photo sessions from july ::

:: register to run another 5k this fall ::

:: start my photo idea to hang in my office (pictures coming soon) ::

:: keep saving to buy an imac ::

:: plan our trip to california in december ::

:: get more sleep (i’m going to need every minute of it) ::

alright august… bring it on!

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