So I’ve officially been rained on. In the six years I’ve been capturing weddings, I have never been rained on. And it wasn’t just a “little sprinkle”… It rained… All day. The power even went out for six hours in the entire city of Petoskey.

BUT, Ali and Marc never stopped smiling. They were great and just like their best man’s speech, “Today was just an example of how steady their love is. Through the ups and downs, they never faltered.” So true. Their wedding day was very different than what they anticipated, however, they never let it slow them down. Such a perfect example of what marriage truly is about. And for the 10 minutes that it stopped raining after their ceremony, we were able to get around town and take some absolutely beautiful pictures!

Ali and Marc, you were amazing to work with. So flexible, so comfortable, so wonderful. Your wedding is one for the books… at least my books and I will never forget it. One for the weather, but two because of how much you love one another and how much it showed. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of that!


So you know you’re old when your youngest cousin gets MARRIED!! So crazy, but Taylor and Jessica’s wedding was so much fun!I was absolutely thrilled when my cousin, Taylor, asked if I would be his wedding photographer. Ages ago, I took his senior pictures and it just so much fun to continue capturing really special moments in people’s lives, nevertheless my family’s lives.

Well, first off, let’s me just say that I was 1. So glad that Jessica was healthy for her wedding… she had bronchitis the week before. And I found out her mother was actually in the hospital of her own wedding day, so I’m glad we did not “carry on the tradition” of being sick on Jessica’s wedding day. And 2. that the rain stopped on their wedding day! It was raining in the morning and we had to briefly talk about making some “back up plans”, but didn’t end up having to use them. Yay! And it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day too, right?

One thing was sure on Jessica and Taylor’s wedding day… they truly love each other and are surrounded by people who love them. Family weddings are awesome for me because I know a large majority of the people there, but the even more amazing thing was I was able to meet Jessica’s family. And let me just tell you, they are quite wonderful as well. So many great people, celebrating such a great event under one roof! And it was my first time at the Midtown Center venue in Holland, MI and it was absolutely beautiful. What an awesome place to have a wedding. If you’ve never been there, take a look. Here are some of the great memories I have from Jessica and Taylor’s wedding… Enjoy!

During the summer months, it’s pretty rare I get the chance to take some senior pictures. But a couple months ago, I was contacted by a friend who I haven’t seen in years and was so happy when she asked me if I would take her oldest son’s senior pictures. First off, can’t believe her kids are old enough to be graduating from high school.

So we all know how enthusiastic teenage boys are to have their picture taken, right? I just chuckled out loud a little. Michael was actually really awesome and he had four of us telling him to fix his hair, stand up straight, smile nice and smooth out his shirt. Oh, and it was about 90 degrees. Regardless, he was a trooper and totally did everything his mother and I asked him and he did it with a (great) smile. Here are some of my favorites from my senior session with Michael. It’s so much fun to mix things up in the summer months. Thanks so much Michelle for contacting me to take these. It was SO wonderful to see you and meet your beautiful family. Enjoy!

It’s a pretty awesome thing when you feel comfortable enough with a bride and a groom to eat dinner with them. I know that sounds like such a silly thing, but eating in front of people you don’t know very well is kind of nerve wracking. At least it is for me! You never know if you’re going to get something stuck in your teeth or spill on yourself. But I, for the first time, had dinner with Ashley and Leonard to talk about final details for their wedding a couple months ago and it was great! So right from there I knew their wedding was going to be so much fun. I actually went to high school with Ashley (you know, years ago!) and I was so pleasantly surprised when she contacted me about being her wedding photographer.

When I first met with them, I knew I was going to like spending time with them. Their engagement session last fall was so comfortable and easy going that I knew their wedding day was going to be the same.

Well, it was 96 degrees on their wedding day so there was that… but Ashley was amazing. She was stunning and never wavered because of the weather. Everyone was fantastic and truly made this day so special for Ashley and Leonard. Luckily, we were right next to a lake and some of their guests took advantage of that! Ashley and Leonard even surprised everyone with a choreographed dance for their first dance, which they had taken dance lessons for. It was spot on and just continued to add to the celebration that was their wedding day. Take a look at these previews from their wedding day… Thank you so much Ashley and Leonard for choosing me to capture your wedding! Love and hugs to you guys!

Venue – Bay Pointe Inn

Dress – Bridal Elegance

Rings – Nords Jewelers

Florist – Gail VanderLaan

Photography – Lyzenga Photography+Design

Videography – LOE Productions

Cake – Mirabella Patisserie

Popcorn Bar – Grand Rapids Popcorn Company



I have so many great memories from McKenzie and Nick’s wedding day – sisters laughing together, watching McKenzie’s mom tear up as she walked down the aisle, holding hands for the first time as husband and wife, walking around Calvin’s campus on a beautiful summer day, tears of joy and love during dinner toasts, and dancing the night away with the cutest ring bearer and flower girl. What an amazing first day as Mr. and Mrs.

McKenzie and Nick are the kind of couple that you don’t have to give much direction to. I remember this from their winter engagement session too. They just “are” together and it’s so evident. They talk easily, laugh easily and love easily… such a great and wonderful thing to observe. Their wedding day was nothing less and I had so much fun spending the day with them.

Sometimes I forget that this is real life for me – I get to celebrate one of the most private, amazing, memorable days with people and they let me photograph it… How incredible is that?! Ah, thank you so much McKenzie and Nick for letting me be your wedding photographer. You have such an awesome family and I loved watching them throughout your wedding day. May God continue to bless you and bring you many, many years of happiness and love!